About Me

I'm an artist working in Northern Virginia. My work has many influences ranging from Impressionist paintings, to Anime and Looney Tunes, to comic strips like the Boondocks. I enjoy exploring broad philosophical themes, and make weekly comic strips. 

The Work

Painting: Oil & Digital

My oil paintings attempt to express our existence in abstracted form. The human is central, represented by a spiritual figure. I try to break down our reality into its basic elements: primary colors, simple shapes and lines, numbers, and letters. I reconfigure these parts to form a variety of thoughts on emotion, spirituality, connection to others, the self, and the pathways we take through life. 

My digital paintings borrow the style of my oil work, but tackle more concrete subject matter. I use the digital medium to reflect our Present, forming thoughts on power, government, technology, the environment, and our social condition.

Comic Strips

I am currently an artist on two comic strips, New Jive City and Tourrestrials. 

New Jive City is a comic created with my friend and poet Samuel "MythMan" Mosely. New Jive City explores Black culture and the condition of Black People in America.  It is a recording of our culture, an analysis of it at times, but most importantly it is an on-going love letter to our community.

Tourrestrials is a comic on which I am the writer as well as the artist. It follows the misadventures of two aliens who work for the Intergalactic Museum of Geospatial Entities (I.M.A.G.E.). They've come to Earth after it's final extinction event to collect artifacts for the new Earth Exhibit at I.M.A.G.E.


I keep a log of my favorite pencil sketches for viewers to see how my ideas begin. Several of the sketches have translated into paintings. In the future I plan to add sketches from my comic strips and other digital work.

Using Format